Racing Home Greyhound Adoption
Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Racing Home Greyhound Adoption (RHGA). We are committed in our goal of finding caring, responsible forever homes for homeless Greyhounds. Without devoted volunteers, we wouldn't be able to complete our mission for these incredible dogs. We welcome dedicated volunteers who share our commitment and passion. Please complete the following application for becoming an active volunteer.

Personal Information


Employment Information

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Work Phone Number: Extension:    
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Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name: Emergency Contact Number:

Physical Information

Are there any medical or physical limitations that affect the kind of volunteer work that you can do?
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Other Information

What pets do you currently care for?
Why are you interested in volunteering with RHGA?
What other type of volunteer work have you performed? (You do not need any prior experience):
Have you ever volunteered for another greyhound organization?
  If yes, what organization was it?

AREAS OF INTEREST (Please check each area you are interesting in volunteering):

Fostering a homeless greyhound until his forever home can be found
Fostering on an emergency basis or during holidays
Fundraising (soliciting business for grants and donations, distributing flyers, attending events)
Transportation (pick up dogs from the track, pick up dogs from the vet, deliver dogs to their foster homes)
Photography (take photos of dogs and events to be used on our website and in our brochures)
Event participation (assist in set up, answer questions, sell merchandise, handle dogs)
Newsletter (write articles, solicit advertising)
Website (data entry, hardware/software maintenance)
Solicit and pick up donated food and other items (crates, vaccines, toys)
Public Relations (assistant our Public Relations Coordinator in writing press releases and contacting the media)
Socialization (pick up dog from foster home and take him to a park where he can interact with other animals and people)
Telephone (contact volunteers for events, take surveys, post-adoption follow-up)


Please print this form and mail to:

Racing Home - Greyhound Adoption
P O Box 43102
Phoenix, AZ 85080-3102