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Racing Home Greyhound Adoption
Prison Program

About the program

For those of you that haven't seen what this program is about (Healing spirits and saving lives) please watch this 3 min clip

We are partnered with Seguaro Correctional Center in Elroy, AZ.

Here is a newsclip from Fox10 News in Arizona.

Here is the full article from the Fox10 Website:

What Can These Greyhounds Really Do?

Here is a video showing what the typical trained Greyhound can do (Sit, stay, down, come, door manners, leash manners)

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt These Trained Greyhounds?

The fee is $550. Keep in mind we are a non-profit and fee goes towards the cost of picking up the dogs from the track, getting their vet work done (spay/nueter, blood work, teeth cleaning etc.), training at the prison, and their food. A normal retired Greyhound's fee is $400, so for only $150 you are getting a dog that went through 24/7 training for 9 weeks! It would cost you more than that just to take the Greyhound to a group class for 1 hour a week. Plus you'd have to take all the time to go each week, and all the time to work with the dog on a daily basis. In this case the Greyhound comes to you fully trained!.