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Racing Home Greyhound Adoption
Sand Star

Sand Star

called "Star"

DOB: 12/16/2016

NOT cat safe
Small dog workable
Star is on medical hold and cannot be adopted at this time. We will update this as soon as he is released.
Please help with his medical expenses by donating

Some pictures of Star's medical condition. We will be updating his condition periodically

Note from the Vet:
He will do ok....at the attack his blood pressure was extremely low and he was bleeding out Blood flow to major organs was very poor. He was given norepinephrine as he was not responding to Iv fluids to get his blood pressure out of deadly range It was touch and go at mesa vet specialists for 12 hours. When he was more stable, he has spent the rest of the time on fluids at my house or with me at work to try to prevent long term kidney damage from lack of blood flow to kidneys...he does not have permanent damage Repeat blood work is good and his anemia is better....not normal yet but better. He had more than 150 puncture wounds and was swollen on all legs, chest, neck. I slept holding the guy so I could run the pump with iv fluids.